Living with Survival: Take 2

I created a blog because blogging is a good forum for developing one’s thoughts and putting them in writing without the burden of creating perfect prose or essay quality writing. Just get the ideas out there and refine later. Unfortunately, I tended to try to write “finished product” from the start, resulting in a bit of paralysis and infrequent posting.

I’ve decided to start blogging again and leave the essay writing for another forum. Which is not to say that you should read my older “essay” posts: some are pretty good. But I hope to get more things out, and perhaps engage more bloggers. Maybe this blog might even become interesting.

Please stay tuned!

About PTT

A phenomenologist wannabee recently treated for scholasticism overdose
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  1. PTT says:

    If anyone is actually reading, comments on this post would be a good forum for suggestions. For example, “why don’t you comment on your own posts so you can see if commenting actually works”.

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